Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions – Updated 6 Monthly

Sport Nunchaku U.K. (SNUK) does not inform each student/parent individually regarding any changes to the Bi-annual Terms and Conditions. It is required for each student/parent to monitor this document below accordingly.

Sport Nunchaku U.K. (SNUK) or any instructor associated with the SNUK, will not accept liability for any personal injuries or accidents resulting from the improper practice or use of any of the techniques listed in this site, on any self-defence/short courses, workshops or whilst visiting their Dojo or the National Windermere Headquarters Dojo.

All martial arts techniques, if performed incorrectly, can cause serious injury and should not be attempted without supervision from a qualified martial arts instructor.

All students must purchase a licence which includes adequate and proper insurance for martial arts practice prior to commencing training.

This is in accordance with the rules laid down by the Sport Nunchaku U.K.

Registration and Insurance Renewals

All insurance renewals are the responsibility of the Student/parent. If you are not insured you can’t officially train in the club. Please see you club sensei for a registration renewal form 2 weeks prior to the expiry date.

Matt Etiquette

Etiquette is important within the club. The student must conform to the 10 rules of the dojo. This is given to every new student when registering. The student must respect and honour the Sensei and club at all times, on and off the matt.


Only the official Gi  (suit) should be worn and all correct number of badges should be sown on prior to the grading. No tattoos, wrist bands of any kind should be visible whilst training on the matt. All earings, bracelets, rings,(of any kind)and watches should be removed before entering the dojo. Piercings that can not be removed must be covered with a plaster or appropriate band aid. (visible or not)

Direct Debit

To ensure our policies and insurance is up to date, we require that all students have registered through the online booking system, TeamUp (On registration to the club). The system also requires we have contact information and emergency information of parents/carers, students and medical history. Further more, we require that all students are signed in to every class prior to the session beginning so the instructor can acknowledge their presence in the event of an emergency. All payments will be taken through the direct debit system GoCardless online.

If we do not have a record of the students attendance, this will invalidate our insurance and we have the right to refuse entry to the Martial Arts training within Sport Nunchaku U.K.

Please note, failure to adhere to the guidelines above will invalidate your membership and insurance of Sport Nunchaku U.K.

The Direct Debit is set up through gocardless.com. If the training fees increase, Sport Nunchaku U.K. will give a minimum of 10 days notice. Should a student decide to leave the club, it is the full responsibility of the student/parent to cancel the direct debit, not that of Sport Nunchaku U.K.. Unfortunately no reimbursements will be made.

Monthly Classes

Any missed classes can be made up within the same paid month, but cannot be carried through to the following month.

SNUK cannot accept responsibility for any lessons cancelled due to an Act of God which refers to, but is not solely inclusive of; snow, floods, fire.

Competitions, Workshops & Courses

Once a deposit has been made for the Competition, workshop or course, under no circumstances will it be refunded. This is also the case of the full payment, unless a doctor’s note can be provided or some physical accident which prevents the student from attending ie: broken arm. In this case a credit note of voucher may be awarded.

Social Media

Sport Nunchaku  frequently takes  videos and  photos of students at classes, courses, competitions and other major events.

This is to help raise awareness within the club and social media. It  is also a key part in improving  the level, training and the development of each individual.

If a student/parent would prefer not to be associated with Sport Nunchaku U.K. publicity and social media sites, then written confirmation is required and can be emailed to info.nunchaku@yahoo.co.uk

Any photographs or video footage taken of the classes will only be used by Sport Nunchaku U.K. and will not be shared with any third party.

Social media comments

All comments from social media friends or followers must be positive to both Sport Nunchaku U.K. persons, coaches and students. If a person posts an inappropriate or negative comment they will be deleted/blocked from all pages associated.


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