2 Sessions Free Offer

2 Sessions Free Offer


Register now for our Special Offer, 2 Sessions Free!!!!! and Bring a friend for Free and get 50% off your 1st suit. 

If you would like to take advantage of the Special offer Below, please fill out the form or call Sensei Smith on

07718530346 to book your place.




Sensei R.smith

6th Dan Ju-Jitsu
4th Dan Nunchaku
2nd Dan Kobudo

07718 530 346


Sensei Smith has the following official rankings:-
Paris – Dec ’08 (5th in Europe)
Switzerland- March ’08 (5th in the World)
Alsace – Dec ’09 (4th in world)
January -2010 -Vice-president of Nunchaku International Academy (NIA)
Kendal – May ’10 (5th in World-World Championships 2010)
Windermere – Nov ’10 (Gold Medal-National)
Holland – May ’11 (4th-Europe)
Holland – Oct ’11 (Silver Medal-Europe)
Windermere – Nov ’11 (Gold Medal-National)
Holland – Oct ’12 (Silver Medal-Europe)
Russia – Nov ’12 (4th Fighting and 4th Freestyle-World)
Windermere – Nov ’12 (Gold Medal-National)
Latvia – March ’13 (Bronze Medal-Europe)
Windermere – July ’13 (Gold Medal-National)
Kendal – Nov ’13 (Gold Medal-National)
Kendal – Nov ’13 (Gold Medal-National)
Russia – Nov ’13 (Silver Medal-Europe)
Russia – Nov ’13 (Bronze Medal-Europe)
Holland – Mach’14 (Bronze-Freestyle Europe)
Switzerland- May ’14 (5th-Combat,7th Freestyle Europe)
Kendal – June ’14 (Gold Medal-National)
Russia – Nov ’14 (4th Combat,5th Kobudo-Europe)
Windermere – Nov ’14 (Gold Medal Combat-National)
Kendal – June ’16 (Gold Medal-National)
Windermere – Nov ’16 (Gold Medal Combat-National)
Windermere – June ’17 (Gold Medal Combat-National)
Windermere – November ’17 (Gold Medal Combat-National)

Kendal-World Nunchaku Championships June 2015 Master Level- Silver Medal

-World Championships Kobudo June 2015 Master Level- Gold Medal

2 Lessons Free

Sport Nunchaku Lessons
3.5 Years+/Junior/Adult and Family Classes

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