Brown Belt at 1500ft

Brown Belt at 1500ft

Photograph taken by Hannah Marsh


Peter C’ailceta started his Sport Nunchaku Journey a couple of years ago now, and on 23rd February 2018 was put forward to be examined for Brown Belt Level.

Peter is The Sport Nunchaku Chief Instructor at Seaforth in Liverpool, and trains under the Expert tutelage of Sensei Richard Smith 4th Dan Nunchaku, Founder of #sportnunchaku #uk and Nunchaku International Vice-president

Peter regularly travels to Sport Nunchaku H.Q. in Windermere, where he receives one to one Private tuition every two weeks.

The Level at Sport Nunchaku U.K. is very high and anyone receiving a ‘Pass Level’ is of the highest Nunchaku Standard.

Peter’s exam lasted 5 hours with part of it at Stickle Tarn, which is over 1500ft above sea level. It was both physically and Mentally challenging for him, especially with dealing with the change of weather conditions and outdoor elements. During the Nunchaku test Peter worked through all levels White to Brown, Kata’s, Take downs, Locks, Combinations, Strikes and Freestyle techniques.

Sensei Smith also took his Blue and his Purple Belt under Similar Conditions, in the Swiss Alps at just over 6000ft using snow shoes to get to the top. He was examined by Sensei Marc Brémart 6th Dan Nunchaku, President of Nunchaku International Academy.

Peter was very successful and achieved a Pass-Merit Level.

Sensei commented  “Well done Peter, Very good Level Today. You are accredit to The Association”.

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