Sport Nunchaku @ Carlisle

Hi, my name is Jade Nugent

I am 12 years old I do Sport Nunchaku at Carlisle Sands leisure centre. I have been doing Nunchaku for 10 months with Sensei Richard Smith. Sport Nunchaku U.K. Nunchaku is a martial art using "NUNCHUCK'S" (like the late famous Movie star and ledengary martial arts expert Bruce Lee.) These are Two sticks held together with rope/chain.

In April 2008 I became 2nd in 10-13 (Girls) Catagory in Cumbria, later in November 2008 I came third For cumbria in age catagory 10-13 (mixed) at Kendal leisure centre . I like going to Nunchaku because it is fun and I make new friends.

I am a white Belt and hoping to be a Yellow belt at the next grading session.The next competion is 22nd February 2009 at the Sands leisure centre is a Knockout
comp, and I'm hoping to do well.


Jade Nugent 7th February 2009