What is Sport Nunchaku??

Sport Nunchaku is made up of 5 elements:

A kata is when you perform basic nunchaku techniques arranged in dance like moves, as fluently and perfectly as possible. These techniques are aimed at an imaginary opponent. The purpose of a kata is to get a better understanding of the techniques. Studying a kata does not only mean learning the techniques, but also how to properly perform a technique. Many of the kata's we perform at Sport Nunchaku derive from the WNA (World Nunchaku Association) and ITNA (International Techno Nunchaku Association)


Freestyle nunchaku is a more visually stunning,
rather than combative way.
Freestyle Nunchaku competitions are now held throughout the year,
marks are awarded based upon visual display.

Freestyle competitions are based and judged on the following:
" Pace and rhythm of the nunchaku during the freestyle routine
" Consistency of speed when performing the techniques
" Variation in techniques
" Control and movement
" Showmanship and entertainment
" The use of one and two nunchaku's
" Unique nunchaku techniques
" Dropping the nunchaku
" Time span of the freestyle


Nunchaku application is all about manipulating the nunchaku. It is used to perform blocks, locks,
throws and take down techniques on another person.
As you advance up the syllabus the techniques like any
other style of martial art become more complicated.


Also within sport nunchaku is the sport of 'Combat Nunchaku'.
This is another competitive side to the art.
Two competitors stand and fight opposite each other
wearing safety protective helmets and groin guards.
There are competitions all over the world, including the World Nunchaku Championships
in Vevey, Switzerland in March 2008
We were proud to bring back a Gold Medal-Keelan Kight
(Age 13 years old) and
Bronze Medal- Tom Miles (Age 10 years old)



Tricks or Freestyle
Tricks or feestyle are also performed on each belt,
the higher the belt the more difficult the trick or routine. Children paticilarly
enjoy learning tricks because it builds confidence, promotes expression and most of is FUN!








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2nd Dan Nuchaku Instructor
5th Dan Ju-Jitsu,
1st Dan Kobudo
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